Competence in remanufacturing.

From old to new.

Disassembly, cleaning, testing, assembly – since more than 100 years, we are your expert for remanufacturing. From cylinder head to industrial engine, from individual part to a series.

Why we do that? Remanufacturing doesn’t only save costs but also ressources and energy. This way, we contribute to a sustainable value creation.


For performance.

The engine is the core of every vehicle. We handle it with the special care that it deserves [more…]


For tuning.

What use is the best performance without the right transmission?  [more…]


For performance.

The turbocharger has to deliver high performance, just like us!  [more…]

Diesel technology

For energy.

Injection and high-pressure pumps are inseparable from diesel technology. We provide test and repair services.  [more…]


Berries for the heart.

We take care of your gem! [more…]

Competence of any size

We combine quality and quantity.

Whether you would like to find a manufacture for your old-timer or you, as OEM, would like to have thousands of gear parts reworked – we are the right partner for you. With our attention to detail and fair conditions.

Individual manufacture

In each customer order, no matter if you are a private or a workshop customer, we process each single component separately and deliver authentic functionality for your individual requirements.

Small-scale production series

Not always big but always important: Each production series has its characteristics. Also in case of small lot sizes, our customers always receive highest quality. Tested and mounted in our Cologne plant, made in Germany. Made in Cologne.

Large-scale production series

Für unsere nationalen und internationalen OEM-Kunden überarbeiten wir ganze Serien. Hierbei profitieren wir von unserer Erfahrung und unserem hohen Maß an Flexibilität, so daß sich Qualität und Quantität verbinden. Eine kosteneffiziente Lösung ist dabei unser gemeinsames Ziel.

Competence in each working process

News from the company

Dieseleinspritzpumpen, Instandsetzung von Motoren, Instandsetzung von Turboladern, Abgas-Turbolader (ATL), Austauschgetriebe, Austauschmotoren, Benzinmotoren, Beschaffung von Ersatzteilen, Differenzialgetriebe, Ersatzteile für Abgasturbolader, Ersatzteile für Autos, Ersatzteile für Dieseleinspritzpumpen, Fahrzeugmotoren, Historische Kraftfahrzeuge (Oldtimer), Hochdruck-Dieseleinspritzsysteme (Common-Rail-Dieseltechnik), Instandsetzung von Oldtimer-Motoren, Kraftfahrzeugmotorenteile, Reparaturen von Getrieben, Reparaturen von Kraftstoffeinspritzanlagen, Restaurierung von Automobilen (Oldtimern), Restaurierung von historischen Kraftfahrzeugteilen, Schaltgetriebe, Verteilergetriebe, Zylinderköpfe, Zylinderschleifereien,

From old to new – our customer area.

Disassembly, cleaning, examination, and assembly – we have been your expert for remanufacturing for more than 100 years. With a totally new […]

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